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User Experience Insight

Insight about what people do in the ‘real world’ is fundamental to good technology design – and it’s central to everything we do

Pile of polaroid-style photos showing people using technology in various settings

At Amberlight, we use established research methods to investigate how humans interact with technology.  This kind of insight helps our clients to solve design and organisational challenges.

User Experience Research

Our User Experience practice performs research into people using technology to solve a wide range of design problems:

  • Discovery’ research: We research with customers ‘in the wild’ using on-site observation techniques and self-report tools such as diary studies to establish their true needs and identify opportunities for innovation
  • Usability testing: We test new and existing technology solutions with users. This helps us to see how well designs work, refine these and move forward.
  • User journey mapping: We work with clients to compile new and existing insight about their audience into a visual map. ‘User Journeys’ show how individuals behave at each stage of their interaction with a service or product. This process highlights where change is most needed to improve failing services or processes.
  • Insight for design: Amberlight delivers user insight in ways which support our clients’ design decisions. One way we do this is by creating detailed User Personas which detail the needs and motivations of key audiences – and visual storyboards depicting  Scenarios which help focus teams on solving real design issues for users.
  • Measurement & benchmarking: We work in an on-going capacity with organisations to create and maintain robust and meaningful measures of their customer experience
  • International Research: Our ability to conduct fieldwork is global. We’ve conducted user requirements discovery and usability testing in over 30 countries. Amberlight is a founder member of the International User Experience Partners (IUXP) network. This global network of research and design companies provides us with access to local expertise in almost every country on the planet.

Behavioural Insight & Design

Designing for human beings is the same whether you are designing a technology service or a internal process. To this end, we have employed design research techniques to address a wide range of organisational challenges. We’ve used this approach to help promote desired behaviour in a a wide range of target audiences. This has included everything from improving agile working by designers and developers, to informing government policy to get people to quit smoking!

Our Behavioural Insight & Design practice helps organisations understand and design for behaviour change through:

  • Audience research: Performing qualitative research to understand target audiences, contexts, motivations, attitudes and the conditions required for people to change existing goals or adopt new ones
  • Behavioural design: We work closely with several clients to promote behaviour change in internal staff and customers