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Growing Your User Experience Capability

Starting your own in-house User Experience team takes  expertise and resources which most organisations lack – that’s where we can help

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Amberlight has been at the forefront of the user experience field for over 15 years. During this time we’ve worked with governments, public sector organisations, FSTE 100 companies and global corporations. This experience has given us a unique perspective of what it takes for large organisations to successfully deliver user-centred design. We apply this expertise to support client organisations who are looking to create or extend their in-house design capability:

Talent Placement

We’ve worked with some of the best UX talent in the UK and beyond – and we actively maintain a network of associates, contractors and freelancers, including many Amberlight alumni. Although our database of talent was originally started to support Amberlight’s own project work, we swiftly became aware that there was a huge unmet requirement for UX talent within many of our clients’ own organisations. We can provide UX talent placement in a way that differs from the traditional ‘head hunter’ recruiter. We don’t go prospecting through LinkedIn for random profiles, all our talent comes through our own network and are known quantities. The fact that we are ourselves a User Experience design agency and active talent sourcer means that anyone we propose comes with an assurance of quality as the client knows the candidate is someone already known to Amberlight.

  • Short term resource: We can place a design or research resource at short notice to provide cover to plug a gap, or help reinvigorate an ongoing design project.
  • Long term placements: We help clients understand their requirements for a long-term or permanent role such as ‘Head of UX’ – defining the precise responsibilities and flavour of practitioner required. We can then propose a very short list of candidates for the job. Truly experienced, top quality UX people get contacted about job opportunities every day, but we have the credibility and the contacts to talk to the best people in the business – and get them to seriously consider our opportunities.
  • Team placements: When technology projects ramp up, there can be an immediate demand for designers and researchers that simply cannot be met overnight. We can drop an entire design team into a client’s project in a matter of days. We can provide designers who can be distributed across multi-disciplinary teams – or come as a single, self managing unit, depending on the circumstances.

Contact Phil Attenborough (Amberlight Chief Talent Officer) to discuss your organisation’s talent needs

Fieldwork Support

Our Fieldwork Management team have an unparalleled level of experience of assisting researchers in the field, our expertise and network of partners allows us to provide clients with the following services across the UK and globally:

  • Participant Recruitment: we provide the skills and tools to locate the right users for clients’ audience discovery research and usability testing. our Fieldwork Manager creates targeted screening materials to identify users from key audience groups and works with our global network of participant recruiters to locate and schedule research. We also handle payment of incentives for organisations who for a variety of reasons, cannot handle cash or pay it directly to their customers.
  • Panel Management: Recruiting some customer groups such as B2B and specialist audiences for research can be difficult and time consuming. Often design projects  impractical. We’ve helped several clients to identify, engage and recruit willing target audience members and create a ‘panel’ database to support research. This allows product teams to mobilise customer research in a speedy and cost-efficient way during design projects and beyond.
  • Logistics: we provide assistance with user research planning and project management. We can also book suitable venues, local researchers and translation/interpreter services almost anywhere in the world using our huge global network of partners and suppliers.

Contact Rob Gillham (UX Practice Lead) about Amberlight’s fieldwork support services